Introducing A Whole New Flight Experience

Welcome to our flight

We are curious problem solvers, drone enthusiasts, product designers, and engineers. We created Bolt Drones out of our inability to find a complete ready-to-fly First Person View (FPV) drone bundle at an affordable price point. So, we built Bolt Drones to introduce the exciting world of FPV piloting and racing easily accessible to everyone.

A versatile drone at a radical price

Featuring an innovative FPV goggle and controller system, HD camera, altitude stabilization and a carbon fiber frame, the Bolt is a complete easy-to-fly solution that makes FPV drone piloting and racing accessible to everyone. 





"I'm an FAA Drone Pilot and Instructor, and I can honestly say that the quality, especially for the price, is outstanding. Fly time, ease of battery interchangeability, lightweight, and portable. I highly recommend this product!"

Adam, United States

"The drone has been perfect. What I like about the Bolt is that it is a complete FPV drone straight out of the box ready to fly. I would most definitely recommend to friends and family and have already done so. The Bolt drone is the best in the market for its price."

Adrian, Australia

"The beginner mode gives you the perfect start for the first flights as it makes the drone easy to handle. The package of the drone includes so many extras (screen, FPV, goggle) and have amazed lots of my friends."

Tim, Belgium