Discover Bolt

The Bolt is a carbon fiber drone that introduces the exciting world of First Person View (FPV) piloting and racing to everyone. When designing and engineering our drone, we set out to meet these objectives:

  • Introduce people to the FPV drone experience without breaking the bank
  • Follow a rigorous design & engineering process and manufacture using the highest quality materials
  • Come ready-to-fly out of the box with no assembly or tools required
  • Ensure the drone is safe and easy to pilot for beginners

Defining Versatility

The Bolt features a unique and innovative FPV viewing system that allows seamless transition from traditional viewing on controller to FPV viewing using goggles. Simply slide the screen into the goggles for FPV piloting & racing, or swap it back to the controller for recreational flying.

  1. Line of Sight –To start flying, simply turn on the drone and controller. The two will sync up and pair, and you can take off. The drone features altitude stabilization and a beginner’s mode that makes picking up the basics a breeze. Learn how to safely and confidently maneuver and control your drone.
  1. Screen on Controller - Next, for those ready to expand their skills and horizons, attach the screen to the controller and start piloting the drone farther away. Simply turn on the drone and the screen. The camera on the drone will automatically sync with the screen and broadcast a live high-definition feed. Mount the screen on the controller, and you’re ready to go. 
  1. First Person View Goggles –Finally, for those ready for the full First Person View experience, fit the screen into the goggles and prepare for a whole new drone experience. Immerse yourself into the world of FPV piloting and cruise around high in the sky.

OR try your hand at FPV drone racing and experience the incredible excitement from every twist and turn. Drone racing is a new and exciting sport that is quickly growing around the world. Using FPV goggles, pilots race their drones around obstacles and courses to compete for the fastest times. It is truly the sport of the future.