Our Story

We created Bolt Drones out of our inability to find a complete ready-to-fly First Person View (FPV) drone bundle at an affordable price point. We believe drones, FPV piloting, and virtual reality are the future. However, for many people, knowing where to start is a challenge. So, we built Bolt Drones to introduce the exciting world of FPV piloting and racing easily accessible to everyone.

The Bolt Drone was designed and tested in Los Angeles by a team of expert product designers, aerospace engineers and drone enthusiasts. Our team is passionate about introducing the FPV drone experience to everyone. We’ve spent over two years working with our manufacturers to develop prototypes and perfect our designs. We obsessed over every detail and are proud to present our drone.

We have deep relationships with some of the world’s most established and experienced drone manufacturers. Thanks to our manufacturing partnerships and direct-to-consumer approach, we skip the industry’s middlemen markups (importers, distributors and retailers) and pass these savings to you.


We began on Kickstarter to raise funds for our first mass production run. We are so grateful for the support and constructive feedback of our early backers!